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Queer-ways was established during the COVID lockdowns of 2019 in response to feelings of a loss of community and isolation felt by queer people during the lockdowns. We wanted to connect queer people back to spaces where they can be their authentic selves and facilitate a way for people to still feel a sense of community and connection to other queer people.

Between us, we found that we had limited knowledge of queer communities outside of our own. Having grown up rurally, George felt she missed out on learning about the breadth of queer history, doing her own research isolated in the country. LUCIANO’s knowledge predominantly focused on HIV/AIDS in Australia and the experiences of queer men.


Queer-ways became a way for us to learn more about the histories of other communities whilst sharing this knowledge with other interested people.

Retrace the story of our project below



Combining stories from the Australian Queer Archives and the LGBTQIA+ community, the digital queer map of Melbourne intends to connect people across time, community and generation. 


To browse our map, click the symbol in the top left corner to pull out a menu that lists all locations. Here you will be able to filter between community stories and stories collected from the archive.


Alternatively, click on the symbols in the map to read more about the significance of each location to Melbourne's Queer History. 

If you would like to explore the map in full screen, press the symbol on the top right corner.  This will direct you to our Google My Map site.

If you would like to add your story to our map, please fill out the form below.


Please allow two business days from submission for your story to appear on the map. Although we intend to represent all peoples and stories, some submissions may not be fit for our project and will not be listed. 

Digital Mapping
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Add your footprint

Although we have illustrated some suburbs of Melbourne, we endeavour to continue to add stories to our digital queer map of Melbourne. This way we can build a record of queer stories for future generations.


So tell us your story, whatever it is.  Did you have a queer awakening? Or maybe a significant experience that made you the queer you are today? Where did it happen? All stories are welcome, big or small, from the past or present.

All personal information collected remains secure and is used to help us confirm that our map represents the experiences of all of Melbourne's LGBTQIA+ community. If you have any issues with supplying personal details, please leave these sections unanswered. Locations added to the map will be anonymous and will not include any personal details.

To begin, please tell us about yourself

*Required for submission

*Required for submission

Add your footprint


This digital exhibition showcases a re-telling of Melbourne's queer history through the voices of local queer people in a series of five maps. 


After initial research supported by the Australian Queer Archives and community consultation directly. with Melbourne's LGBTIQ+ community, LUCIANO and George Keats have charted queer experiences, locations of significance, and memories onto illustrated Augmented Reality maps of the city.  

If you are on a mobile device and don't have access to multiple screens to view the AR, explore our mobile exhibition here.

Thank you Luke David for the beautiful photos of our physical exhibition at the Victorian Pride Centre 

To view the exhibition:

  1. To explore Melbourne's most iconic and familiar queer landmarks, scan the QR code to download the EyeJack app. If you already have the app, scan the QR code in the camera mode.

  2. Hold your smartphone camera in front of the artwork. Try to initially capture the whole width of the artwork on your phone screen. Once the AR begins you can move closer to zoom in or move further away to zoom out.

  3. Watch and listen as the maps come to life retracing Melbourne's queer footprints.

QW QR Code_edited_edited_edited.png
st kilda
(YoUruk) 2021
LUCIANO and George Keats
New Media

Voiced by: Cerulean, Miss First Nation 2021

St Kilda Youruk QR Code
 2021 (pur-ra-ran)
LUCIANO and George Keats
New Media

Voiced by: Joshua Marcus Stapleton

Prahran Pur ra ran QR Code_edited.png
(Naarm) 2021
LUCIANO and George Keats
New Media

Voiced by: Sally Goldner AM

Screen Shot 2021-11-03 at 12_edited_edit
2021 (Yálla-birr-ang)
LUCIANO and George Keats
New Media

Voiced by: Mark Binette

Collingwood Yálla-birr-ang QR Code_edited.png
(Yern-da-ville) 2021
LUCIANO and George Keats
New Media

Voiced by: Julie Sorin

Carlton Yern da Ville QR Code_edited.png


Our AR Maps and Bandannas have been archived by the State Library of Victoria, the Australian Queer Archives and the PMI Victorian History Library. 

Our website has been archived through Trove as part of the State Library of Victoria's collection.

Queer-ways has been recorded in the Testing Grounds Project Archive.

our Supporters

Queer-ways is supported by the Australian Queer Archive (AQuA)

AQua logo_colour_edited.png

Queer-ways is supported by the Victorian Government through Creative Victoria.


This project is supported by the City of Melbourne Arts Grants.

Creative development supported by Testing Grounds Creative Development Program

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